Illegal Anthem

I was walking in town and I met this street family playing music. Normally I would pass and dismiss them but this time something was different. The music was actually nice. These people could play the guitar, and together with the other homemade  musical instruments they put in, the sound was amazing. Maybe it always … More Illegal Anthem

My Crippled Angel

I am on my way home and the street seems deserted. I can’t help but feel insecure walking alone on the road. I can almost feel the bad men in the dark alleys staring at me plotting to strike. I look around breathing heavily. I see no one and I again dismiss the thought of … More My Crippled Angel


Wacuka is the name I would have called her; If i was her mother. All Wacukas are beautiful. Beginning with that pretty girl I saw in my dream when I was little. She told me her name was Wacuka and gave me an orange; all Wacukas are kind. She was my first love, She was … More WACUKA