Coffin Nails

Go to a pear tree, in the wee hours of the morning, right before the sun rises. Carry with you three nails out of a coffin and say the following words… “Oh thief, I bind you by the first nail, which I drive into your skull and brain, to return the goods thou hast stolen … More Coffin Nails

Mindset is Key

“Danix Kamau you said, right?” asks the receptionist as she scribbles my name on the sheet of paper. She seems professional in everything she does. Perhaps it’s the blue dress that gives her a royalty look or those bright eyes behind the designer glasses she’s wearing. I feel like she is looking right through me, … More Mindset is Key

Stop Digging!

  Someone once told me that the bottom point is not the lowest point one can reach but rather it is the point that they stop digging. It is unfortunate to note that the misery pits in which we sometimes find ourselves in, are the work of our hands as we are the diggers of the … More Stop Digging!