Remembering Death

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To light a candle is to cast a shadow, as with the conception of life comes the connection to death. ? Death is an ugly man. Wrinkled, dark clothing and a cold expressionless face. I figure he cannot be a woman because she would be very compassionate. Seeing…

Daily Dose for the Soul

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Everyone understands that holding positive thoughts in the midst of negative conditions is not easy. Especially in the beginning. The best time to begin to make the effort to direct your thoughts really is not when you are in the middle of a negative situation. It will be easier for…


The feeling is pleasant, beginning to realize my role in the creation of now. I have regained control of my thoughts and I am consciously leading my thinking to focus more on what I want rather than what I don’t. The non-physical realm is just as real as the physical one is. Physical manifestations are … More Abstract

10 Simple things you should do Sunday Night to have a more Productive Monday Morning

Forget Monday Blues, Sunday evenings are the most undesirable moments of the week. That time when we know that the sweet weekend is over and routine Monday is just around the corner. No matter how much you may be in love with your job, the idea of a quick approaching Monday is always enough to … More 10 Simple things you should do Sunday Night to have a more Productive Monday Morning

Coffin Nails

Go to a pear tree, in the wee hours of the morning, right before the sun rises. Carry with you three nails out of a coffin and say the following words… “Oh thief, I bind you by the first nail, which I drive into your skull and brain, to return the goods thou hast stolen … More Coffin Nails