VARSITY LIFE: To the Good Times

The end of exams yesterday marked the end of the second semester at my school and consequently the end of the first academic year. This means that the next time some of us will meet again is not in less than 4 months. It’s at times like this that we appreciate just how much progress we have had in our lives. All that has happened since we joined school, the people we met, the friendships we made. The things we did together…  How close we became as students. Especially during exam time when the fruits of the Holy Spirit finally manifested in us; love and care for one another. Brotherhood in the exam rooms, sisterhood too. When we changed the exam room into a discussion hall. Degree ni harambee. This saying truly means a lot to comrades. No one wants to fail. Success is not for just the chosen few. Not in university, no. This is a lesson that every student has learnt. And it has helped.
All the change that university life has brought. Because indeed we have changed. City life has had an impact on all of us. Or at least it has for me. (My school is located in town)  I bet my parents at home will say that am not the guy they used to know. It started with the hair. When mum began, “Na watu wa University hawachanangi nywele. Wanadhani ni swag” (And university students don’t comb their hair. They think that’s fashionable).  Then again she says I’ve lost weight.  It could be the plugs, maybe.  Or the hustle.  The latter most probably cause I walk a lot. Yeah, to and from school on a daily basis. And sometimes missing lunch in order to pay for the fifa tournament after classes. Soccer is life!  But what do you expect? I am a student. That extra coin comes in handy. I bet that’s enough exercise to burn body fat, don’t you think? I’d prefer we call it ‘To be a man’. That change that comes when we join the world outside…and burn extra calories.
It is uncertain what awaits us at home. What now?  Will we be stuck there for the next 4 months? Doing what? We’ll probably get jobs. Otherwise we’ll end up filling our phones’ galleries with photos of nature; vegetation, red soil… waterfalls too. There are plenty of those from where I come from. We will miss the radiant city life. When we were little we called it the Great City. We only used to visit it like twice a year. During those trips from up country when we’d alight at Tearoom and follow mum to bus station. And she’d force us to follow her in a line, me and my siblings all holding hands as we crossed the busy streets. And we saw her pro back then.  It amazed us how much she knew this city. We had heard tales of little children getting lost in the city, some to never be found again, and with this in our young minds we knew that our mum was our guide; the protector. And for this we respected her. We still do. She is a great woman.
The city always amazed me back then. It still does. The tall buildings, busy streets, large billboards, fancy buses with loud music, the likes. Everything that we once believed only existed in movies and Sidney Sheldon’s world. And we have walked these streets like we owned them.  Like that time, only two weeks after joining university, when we stormed Ringera’s office over delayed HELB loans. This of course I did not miss this. It had been my dream to participate in university riots.  Like a loyal comrade I joined the procession and chanted slogans:  mob psychology. It is exciting. But the consequences are dire. Did you see how UON students were battered by the police earlier this month following their riots? Thanks God I don’t school there. I might have been a victim. Don’t get me wrong. I am no goon. I am a peaceful man. The reason i’d be there would be for the story. Then maybe this post would have been on a completely different topic.
That is one year gone, a chapter closed. All that we are left with are the memories. Generally all was well, I can’t complain. And as the long holiday begins, I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me, for all of us. So for now let’s give a toast to the good times. For the events that have occurred and for those yet to come.


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