Righteous Men of God

A few weeks ago, a section of Kenyans were not too pleased with Daily Nation columnist, Njoki Chege when she refused to call a spade by any other name. She, like many of her like-minded majority, had gotten fed up with many of these men of the cloth that are preaching water they don’t drink and had decided to call them out for who they really are; fraudsters living off the hopelessness of their congregation. She seemed especially displeased with the antics of the self proclaimed “Great Prophet of God”, Dr. Owuor of the Ministry of Holiness and Repentance.


She may or may not have known it then, but she was offering the man free publicity which is actually what he and the rest of the players in his game are really after. As a matter of fact, after the conundrum she started, the great prophet was on his way to yet another mega conference in Nairobi. This time he did not have a dead body to bring back to life. He had more juice. “What a tremendous time, how I will be assassinated in Jerusalem,” he said to the multitude of followers. Of course he has to die in the Holy city. He went on to say that the death won’t be his end as he will only “lie down” for three days after which he’ll be taken to heaven. No one wishes the prophet any harm but he sure as heaven is getting us eager for the predicted event.

Confused Lot

There is a reason why the prophet has so many ardent followers. A legion of faithful servants who will stand by anything the man of God says. It reminds me of the other city pastor, Kanyari, who despite having been exposed as a trickster still demands quite a following from Kenyans. I bet the people at his church still give the Ksh.310 offering that the range-rover driving humble preacher asks for. These men of God have perfected the art of selling hope to the hopeless, by giving them an idea of a Utopian world besides this one, one where the troubles of this world are non-existent. The confused lot is so obsessed with this dream of the other life that they are willing to live solely on that hope. Meanwhile they pomp up the prophet’s worldly life with gifts and lavishes at the expense of their own lives.

The Shepherd and his Flock

Just as the sheep follow their shepherd, so does the blind congregation follow these “righteous men of God”. The shepherd is obviously smarter than the sheep and that is how he is able to control them as he wills. He will on occasion choose the fattest sheep in the flock for slaughter but this reality will not dawn on the other sheep. They will stay in the flock.  Do not get me wrong. I’m not advising that you leave the flock. Because after all how good is a sheep in the wild with no one to look after it. The sheep is probably safer with the rest of the flock under the watchful eye of the shepherd. At least there they will not be attacked by foxes and wolves and no harm will come to them; unless of course it’s for the benefit of the shepherd.


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