Wacuka is the name I would have called her;
If i was her mother.
All Wacukas are beautiful.
Beginning with that pretty girl I saw in my dream when I was little.
She told me her name was Wacuka and gave me an orange;
all Wacukas are kind.
She was my first love,
She was a dream,
my dream.

Thank you for the orange Wacuka.
I still love you Wacuka.
I miss you a lot.
The first Wacuka,
the original one,
Wacuka 1.0,
The one.
The dream.

The new Wacuka.
She is pretty
and has everything I would want in a lady.
I believe she is the prettiest girl I have seen in my life.
Maybe the prettiest one there is yet.
This time the beautiful ones
must have been born a bit earlier.
Or maybe this is the group that our forefathers had been talking about.
Their era has finally arrived.
Perfect timing.

It has been 2 months since i met her.
We go to school together
And everyone else at school thinks
she is amazing too.
Everyone wants a piece of her:
to hold her hand,
to whisper in her ear,
to sit next to her,
to walk with her,
to be seen with her.
She is everyone’s favourite,
everyone’s fantasy.

I am obsessed with her.
We all are.
I think she has pretty hands,
I want to hold them.
Her hair,
her face,
her eyes,
her cheeks,
her lips,
her chin,
even her teeth,
they are all amazing.
And when she answers all the questions in class,
We learn that she is also very bright.
And she shines just like a morning star.
She is wonderful.

I love to see her walk,
Because she has a great body too.
And if she reads this,
she might hold it against me.
Then I will be lucky.

She doesn’t like the attention she’s getting though.
She wants to live a quiet life.
She hates being in the spot light,
She told me that.
She says that she doesn’t feel comfortable having all eyes on her.
She says she is just a normal girl from a humble background.

She is modest.
Maybe that’s why we like her all the more.

And that is also why I call her Wacuka.
Because she is too good to be real.
She must be a dream,
the dream I’m not letting go of.
She is a treasure.

21 thoughts on “WACUKA

      1. There is some repetition you could look at. Personally I’d delete the stanza beginning, ‘I’m obsessed with her’. I’m sure you are familiar with the saying – less is more!? I’ve learnt not to be precious about what I’ve written and have sometimes deleted chunks I thought were necessary but others were not keen on!


  1. I do not want critique, for I share your feeling of sublime love for Wacuka. Indeed, she must be a most lovely dame. Keep up with the good work sir. Our energies never go to waste.


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