My Crippled Angel

I am on my way home and the street seems deserted. I can’t help but feel insecure walking alone on the road. I can almost feel the bad men in the dark alleys staring at me plotting to strike. I look around breathing heavily. I see no one and I again dismiss the thought of a pending robbery. I look straight ahead and I can see my apartment a few blocks away. There is a glitter of hope. I want to arrive safely to  the security and comfort of my crib. I want to get over this nightmare soon.

I hear a sound behind me. I think I heard it right. I increase my pace. I’m almost running now. I quickly turn and look at the source of the sound. No one. Nothing. It’s in my mind; the sound. The phobia. I do not stop running though. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I will not let myself walk calmly into the face of such danger. There have been many cases of insecurity along this street I’m walking now. Those that live to tell their stories give experiences of how they walked home completely naked having been robbed of all their possessions, including their clothes. The thought of me completing my journey as a naked man only tortures me more.

I had not planned to find myself in this situation tonight. No one ever does. I can almost see myself narrating what happens to me today to my friends at a later time. I can see them pretending to be concerned just so that I can repeat the story to them. I can’t blame them. I too would laugh at those innocent souls that suffer this inhumane ordeal, that is if they happened to be people I know, preferably my friends or schoolmates.

The matatu had dropped me a bit farther from my home and that’s why I have to walk today. The tout had said something about using a different route today. But why? Have I not always used the same vehicle to drop me right at my doorstep? If something bad happens to me today I will never forgive that driver. I will not ride in that vehicle again! Actually, I quit travelling at night.
I reach the flyover that will take me to my apartment on the other side of the road. It seems that after all I will not be robbed today. I thank God. He is full of grace.

I have just crossed to the other side when I see the first people in this street. One of them is on a wheelchair and the other one is, as it appears to me, pushing the wheel chair. I am about to pass them and head to my house when the crippled man calls to me. This startles me and I get ready to run for safety. I look at him suspiciously expecting him to miraculously get on his feet and attack me together with his friend. (My fear for criminals is real and it tortures me. It is my weakness. Call me a coward if you wish.)

The man calls to me once more and points at his wheel chair and that is when I realize that the other guy “pushing” the wheel chair was actually trying to lift it up and get it onto the tarmac road.

I approach them and together we help lift the wheelchair and set it properly on the road. The crippled man picks my hand and says, “Thank you son. I know that you are in a terrible situation right now but soon your wishes will come true,” and they leave without warning.
I remain standing on the road. It has all happened so fast. I watch the man on the wheelchair being pushed on the road by his friend. They move quickly and I  watch them slowly disappear into the dark street. I get into a trance.

It has all happened so fast. Wait, what just happened? Have I just been promised a fulfillment of all my fantasies?

I secretly hope that I have just had an encounter with a seer. Do they exist? I do not believe in them because I have never seen any; or maybe it was an angel! Have I just helped an angel on a wheelchair? Whoever that was, one thing is for sure. My window of good luck and great things has just been opened. And that is why I get into my house a happy man smiling from ear to ear. I know that this week success will come my way. I can’t wait!
Now that is faith.


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